Farmers terrorized Delhi, attacked police personnel, media persons with swords, rods and sticks.


Armed with swords, sticks, rods and tractors, farmers terrorized the national capital, attacked police, media and people after breaking all the terms and conditions of tractor rally to which they agreed upon with the Police a day ahead.

Farmers attempted to run-over the media persons and police personnel with tractors. Several police personnel sustained injuries. The farmers climbed up the Red Fort hoisted their flags atop of the ramparts and dome of the fort.

Farmers were permitted to take out  after national parade at Rajpath, but they broke all terms & conditions, which they earlier agreed up on, and broke through the barricades.

Clashes broke out as the police personnel tried to disperse the mob of farmers from the Red Fort. Farmers laid siege the national capital as the government cut internet services in the affected regions.

Delhi-residents suffered the unruly and anarchism unleashed by farmers. After stoking violence and leaving citizens/police personnel/media persons to the mercy of rampaging farmers, farmer leaders like Yogendra Yadav and Rakesh Tikait attempted to distance themselves from the violent farmers. While the farmers were running amok in the Capital city, all the farmer leaders had disappeared from the scene.


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