School Education Principal Secretary stress on the need for remedial education

School Education Principal Secretary Dr Alok Shukla addressing the teachers.

School Education Department principal secretary Dr Alok Shukla said that teachers should provide remedial education to children, who are weak in education, in an interesting way. Dr Shukla asked the teachers to inform the students about daily life with example during studies. Dr Shukla said that the children should read, write and solve questions of mathematics. “Our entire focus should be on learning, its assessment should be completed by the month of March,” said Dr Shukla while addressing the teachers and officials at the state level webinar organised on assessment and remedial teaching at the State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) on Friday. More than one lakh teachers participated in the webinar.

Dr Shukla said that the ultimate goal of teachers is not to assess, but to provide remedial education to children. He said that a programme of 100 days should be conducted for weak children in education. In this programme, efforts should be made to make all the children of the state studying in primary and secondary school, achieve minimum proficiency in Hindi language and mathematics. He directed the state, district, development block and cluster level officials to closely monitor remedial education. Dr Shukla appreciated the various efforts being made by the teachers during the Corona period and said that not only at the state level but also at the national level, the work done in the state is being appreciated. The Ministry of Human Resource Development, NITI Aayog and the Prime Minister have also praised it.

Mission Director and Director Samagra Shiksha Jitendra Shukla stressed the need to work thoughtfully. He directed the participants in the webinar to go up to the level of children and explain them easily. SCERT Director D Rahul Venkat gave detailed guidelines on remedial teaching to the teachers of the state. SCERT additional director Yogesh Shivhare, Samagra Shiksha Assistant Director Dr M Sudhish, SCERT’s CPR  Sahu, Vidya Dangi threw light on the process of remedial teaching in mathematics and language education. Satyaraj Iyer and Ajay Verma gave information about technical aspects of remedial teaching.


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