NIT Raipur team comes up with ‘Vigour Meals’

The students who developed Vigour Meals

A team of students from National Institute of Technology (NIT) Raipur has started a startup named VIGOUR MEALS keeping in view the dietary problems faced by students and fitness enthusiasts. The main aim of the startup is to include nutrients in the regular diet of the people and help maintain a healthy lifestyle with easy efforts.

Vigour Meals is an online food service provider platform, with the help of which people will be able to meet the basic nutritional needs of their body in their regular diet. For this vigour meal has compiled and consulted a group of nutritionists and health experts who designed the various diet plans customers can choose from. The Vigour Meals “meal box” is divided into 3 parts that consists protein, carbs and fibre making sure to find a perfect balance between the 3.

Under the mentorship of Professor (Dr) Govardhan Bhatt ,NIT Raipur, the team comprises of 3 members from a different department. Yogesh Bopche (civil) Amitabh sinha(electronic) and Roshan Singh (civil)Vigour Meals founders  Yogesh  said that people will be able to track their nutrition content present in the meal through the barcode provided on the box. It would be helpfull for health conscious student,gym freaks and normal people.


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