Relaxation in compassionate appointment rules

School Education Minster (Independent Charge), MP, Inder Singh Parmar


Minister of State for School Education (Independent Charge) Inder Singh Parmar has taken a major decision in the interest of the dependents of the late teachers and employees.

Parmar said that if the dependents of the late teachers and employees of the Education Department have cleared Central Government’s Teacher Eligibity Test (CTET), Madhya Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test (2011-12) or the Teacher Eligibility Test conducted by other state government, such candidates will be given priority in the recruitment of primary teachers sidelining the validity period of the eligibility test.

Parmar said that the School Education Department has relaxed the rules for quick disposal of pending cases of compassionate appointment. He said that with this decision, cases of compassionate appointment pending in divisions and districts will be resolved immediately.

Parmar informed that in another decision, the late teacher cadre having the prescribed qualifications and dependents of regular government teachers and employees, can also be given compassionate appointment on vacant posts of laboratory teacher under the rules.

It is noteworthy that the pay scale of laboratory teacher and the pay scale of primary teacher is the same at 5200 – 20200 +2400. There is no binding of teacher eligibility test for the post of laboratory teacher.


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