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Swimming pools, water parks allowed to operate in Raipur


District Collector Dr S Bharathi Dasan on Wednesday issued an order allowing the operation of swimming pools and water parks in the district with certain conditions. The Collector said that the swimming pools and water parks should be operated with 50 per cent of their total capacity. The entrance and exit should be separate and in touch-free mode. Discipline should be maintained, tissue papers, handkerchief should be used by a person of he or she has cough or sneezing. They can also use folded elbow to clean their nose or at the time of sneezing.

The materials being brought into use at the swimming pools, water parks should be properly disposed of. Operators cannot give soap, towel and other items to the visitors. Visitors should use their own items. Drinking water should be available without touch mode. CCTV should be installed at such venues for future safety. Children, elderly people, pregnant women and sick people should not be allowed to visit, said the District Collector. Water parks and swimming pools in the containment zone are not allowed to operate. The operators and the visitors should follow all the covid protocols at the swimming pools and water parks, said the district collector.



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