NIT Raipur students devise low-cost sanitiser dispenser

The sanitiser dispenser

Students of National Institute of Technology (NIT) Raipur have invented a Low-Cost Contactless Sanitizer Dispenser System to fight against the

COVID 19 pandemic. The dispenser is affordable to everyone. It ensures regular and easy way of frequent hand sanitization, useful for public places like educational institutes, offices, entry point of malls, hospitals etc.

The complete system has been designed by using components readily available in the local market to promote “vocal for local” initiative. The designed electronic control base system will ensure the optimum spray of sanitizer thus reducing the wastage of it.

The proof of concept has been validated and tested with the designed concept. The first version of prototype is already in use at the NIT campus while updated design is in developing stage. As the system is designed, developed, tested and validated in house to make the product cost effective.

The team of NIT students and mentors who developed the machine.

The team members working in the development of product are Akhilesh Kumar Tiwari,   Yugal Kishor,

Aayush Paikra and Akansha Agarwal from Electrical Engineering Department of the NIT Raipur

The mentors for the project were Associate Professors in Electrical Engineering Dr R N Patel, Dr Lalit Kumar Sahu, and Dr Saurabh Gupta, Assistant Professor, BioMed Dept.

 Students thanked their Director A M Rawani, Innovation Cell (I-Cell) NIT Raipur, Career Development Cell (CDC) Raipur and other members of the selection committee for selecting their project under the SEED GRANT.


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