Assam Maulvi molested a minor girl who came to him for religious education.


SILCHAR: Assam Police on Monday apprehended a Maulvi on the allegations of molesting a minor girl in Silchar. Maulvi identified as Samsuddin Barabhuyian allegedly sexually molested the girl as she came to him for religious lessons.

According to the reports, Maulvi was on the run ever since an FIR was registered against him in December, 2020. After keeping a surveillance for around 2 months, Police nabbed Maulvi the very next day of him returning to his house at Panchgori lane in Meherpur on Sunday night.

Mother of the victim girl reported that on December 6, 2020, Maulvi Samsuddin had molested her daughter when she was attending religious class with him. At the time of the incident, the victim girl was in KG-2. Maulvi allegedly touched the private part of the girl, when her mother was in next room and mother’s brother, in whose house Maulvi was taking class, had also gone kitchen to prepare tea. The girl came to her mother crying and complained about Maulvi’s indecent act. After the incident, Maulvi fled from the scene and turned off his cell phone.


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