Global agenda to disrupt peace in Bharat exposed due, controversial conservationist posted a document detailing a plan to undermine India’s democracy.


A controversial and duplicitous environment conservationist, Greta Thunberg inadvertently laid bare a sinister global agenda to undermine the world’s largest democracy.  Greta Thunberg exposed the global agenda by posting a Google document “Global Farmer Strike First Wave” containing details of the insidious plan for creating mayhem.

After an American pop music artist, Rihanna, porn-movie actress Mia Khalifa also jumped into the fray to target the Indian Government. Everything was going as per plan until the school-drop out activist shared the Google document giving detail actions to undermine the democratically passed laws by the Parliament of India.

The document implored individuals and organizations across the world to join the protest. The document would register the actions people or organization can take to undermine the democratically passed laws.


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