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Half an hr yoga daily for children at mohalla classes

Children undergoing fitness training at Jharpara Mohalla class

A week long fitness training was organised under the second edition of the commencement of Fit India Week at Jharpara (Pampapur) Mohalla Classes run under Padhai Tunhar Duar. The fitness programme has been initiated by Ministry of Youth Welfare and Sports.

The children were trained by skilled yoga instructor Shrikant Pandey and school teachers Gautam Sharma and Rajendra Jaiswal. Yoga instructor Pandey said during the discussion that under the Fit India campaign, children were first given 12 exercises to keep them fresh and healthy.

Instructor said that the most popular and important among the Yogic verbs is Surya Namaskar which consists of 12 stages. Surya Namaskar energises nerves and muscles throughout the body and its regular practice provides balanced communication of pure blood throughout the body and complete coordination in all systems. It provides complete mental and physical education. Therefore this practice is very important for children.

Teacher Sharma said that under the Fit India campaign Prime Minister Narendra Modi has encouraged the people of the country to be health conscious.



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