Khalistani M Dhaliwal gave a call for intensifying Khalistani movement in India


After the paid tweets of American singer Rihanna and controversial environmental activists, a video of Khalistani M Dhaliwal calling for intensifying Khalistan movement in India even if the farm laws are repealed from Vancouver, Canada.

ANI Journalist Naveen Kapoor posted a video, showing Dhaliwal addressed Khalistan supporters, saying “If the farm bills get repealed tomorrow, that is not a victory. This battle begins with the repeal of the farm laws. It does not end there. Anybody who tells you that this is going to end with the repeal of the farm bills is trying to drain energy from the movement. They are trying to tell you that you are separate from Punjab and the Khalistan movement. “The reason Khalistani people are so passionate about this (anti-farm law agitation) is that we are seeing the truth that they predicted in the 1970s. They (Khalistanis) wanted an independent land so that we did not have to live through this movement. I request to all of the young people here – Don’t close your eyes, hearts and minds to each other.”

Dhaliwal also exhorted Khalistani youths to not dismiss the idea of Khalistan and instead of learning about it and embrace it. He further requested the youth to not dismiss the idea of ‘Khalistan’ and instead learn about the movement and embrace it. Continuing his rhetoric, Dhaliwal said “Nobody wants to be called a terrorist. I lost my uncle in the 90s…Nobody wants to leave home, nobody wants to remain anonymous, nobody wants to die young. Why would they do that? Ask the question. Why would somebody leave home to become a part of the independence movement? There was so much pain and oppression that they could not live in their homeland anymore?” That their ultimate objective is the same, irrespective of whether they are holding a ‘Khalistani flag’ or a ‘farm bill flag’ or a ‘Kesari flag’. “We are being fed language that is separating us from each other.”


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