Khalistani paid Rs 18 crores ($2.5 million) to singer Rihanna to tweet in favour of farmer protest.


A PR firm Skyrocket reportedly paid up to $2.5 million to American singer Rihanna for tweeting in support of farmer protest. Khalistani Mo Dhaliwal, the person who was seen in a video calling for intensifying Khalistani movement in India, is the director at Skyrocket, reported The Print.

Based on a information given by a source, The Print reported that a Canada-based organization Poetic Justice Foundation (PJF) played vital role in starting a global propaganda campaign. The campaign had backing of political leaders and activists based out of Canada.

The Print report further says that Khalistani Mo Dhaliwal paid $2.5 million dollars, which is Rs 18 crores in Indian currency, to pop singer Rihanna for tweet. The sources also reported that the propaganda toolkit shared by Greta Thunberg was also fed to her as part of global conspiracy to stir anti-India activities. PJF is the same organization which featured prominently in the propaganda toolkit shared by Greta. Others involved in the conspiracy include Director of World Sikh Thunberg cum Co-founder of PJF Anita Lal, relationship manager at PR Firm Marina Patterson.


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