Distt Hospital Pandri witness first ENT operation

Dr Niti Verma during the ENT Operation on Saturday

District Hospital, Pandri, Raipur witnessed its first tympannoplasty under local anaesthesia on Saturday since the opening of the hospital some three years back. The ENT operation was successfully conducted by Dr Niti Verma and her team.

Dr Verma, MS, ENT, is posted at the district hospital from three months and her role in setting up the facility for ENT operation has been crucial.

According to information, the patient was suffering from bilateral chronic supperative otitis media. The symptoms of the disease are running of ears, pain, hearing impaired and  sensation in ears. Try to keep ears dry, examination of ears at regular interval and surgery are the remedies of the disease. 

The team of doctors led by Dr Verma successfully conducted the operation and the patient was feeling well.

According to Dr Verma, lack of awareness about the disease among the people many such cases are not traceable, people used to take this problem easy leading to complications and about 16 out of every 1000 people in Chhattisgarh are affected by this disease.

Dr Verma has also worked in the Cancer Surgery Department of Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar Hospital for a period of three years. Dr Verma is endeavouring to ensure regular ENT operations at the district hospital and start Cancer Surgery here.

Civil Surgeon and Superintendent of District Hospital Pandri and District Hospital Kaliibadi Dr P K Gupta said that the operation remained successful. Even as it was the first at Pandri district hospital, the team of doctors made this possible with their efforts, Dr Gupta said.


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