Five Muslim youths gunned down a Jat youth at Jhalu Town of Bijnor district, Uttar Pradesh.

Deceased youth and accused youths in police custody.

UTTAR PRADESH, BIJNOR: Four Muslim youths have been arrested after they cruelly shot down another youth named Rachit Jat, son of Bablu Jat, in full public view at Jhalu of Bijnor district in Uttar Pradesh. Four of the five accused youths Shadab, Sariq, Shabaz and Shehzad were caught, one of them escaped.

Accused youths smoking after killing Rachit Jat

Police officials said the accused Muslim youths fired 13 rounds with a country-made pistol at Rachit Jat in broad daylight in the full public glare at a market. The accused youths are residents of Mohalla Pirzadgan in Jhalu town. Police said the incident was perhaps a culmination of old rancour.

The incident unfolded when Rachit Jat was standing near an umbrella  shop at a market, five Muslim youths suddenly turned up at the spot and opened fire. Rachit attempted to save his life by running into a shop, but the Muslim attackers chased him and put in bullets.

Muslim youths did not just kill Rachit, but they even threatened locals not to testify to the police or court. The accused smoked cigarettes and warned the Jat community to stay subservient to Muslims if they want to live in the area. They even shot a video of the incident and while the police were taking them away, one of the Muslim youths even shouted to upload the video of the incident on social media.

Photos credit OpIndia.


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