Tenants beat landlady to death in Bengaluru.


Bengaluru, VV Puram Police apprehended three people on the charge of killing their 61-year-old landlady after she asked them to pay home rent. Tenants as Aleem Pasha (26) and his brother Jilaan and their grandmother Ashrafunnissa beat landlady Rajeshwari with an iron rod.

According to the reports, Rajeshwari, a resident of Kormangala, had earlier waived off the rent of 3-months. On Thursday, she had gone to collect Parvathipura to collect rent from Aleem Pasha (26) and Jilaan (20). Pasha hadn’t paid rent since March 2020. After waiving off 3-month rent, the landlady had asked them to pay the due rent of Rs 35000.

On the fateful day, Rajeshwari had gone alone to collect rent. As she persisted for rent, Pasha hit her in the head with the iron rod. She immediately collapsed and died. Pasha wanted to surrender to the police, but his uncle Ibrahim and grandmother Ashrafunnissa advised him not to do so.

Aleem Pasha, Ibrahim, Jilaan and Ashrafunnissa wrapped the body in layers of bed-sheets, polythene and tarpaulin and dumped in storm-water drainage near Marigold International School. They transported the body in the trolley-auto of Jilaan. They then set the body on fire. They returned home and cleaned the bloodstains from the crime scene.

Landlady’s son Dr Deepak MR lodged a complaint with the Police after not finding her mother. Rajeshwari had earlier told Deepak that she was going to collect rent from Aleem Pasha. As Deepak inquired with Pasha, he lied that Rajeshwari had left after collecting rent.

The next day, Deepak again came back to Pasha’s house and insisted on checking the rooms, but Pasha refused to allow him in on the excuse of that the room was fumigated. But, the lies finally came undone when other tenants told Deepak that Pasha and his family had transported a big roll of tarpaulin in the auto-rickshaw.

It took police on 24-hour to crack the case by analyzing call records and CCTV footages and interrogation of tenants. Ibrahim was yet to be apprehended.


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