NIT Raipur students come up with measures to promote tourism

Jayant Kulharia

Despite the world is confronting with several adverse situations created by Covid-19 pandemic, some students of National Institute of Technology (NIT) Raipur have found an opportunity to kick start the most suffered sector i.e. tourism by pitching an idea of ‘A Tourist Guide Solution –  Voyage Scout’, venture to enhance travel experience using man force.

The main motive of this project is to focus on the backward states in tourism such as Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand, so that the tourism sector, which help strengthen the local economy, will get improved along with the creation of new job opportunities for locals at their hometown and later on this has the potential to grow globally.

Students have visualised to create a platform (website and app) for guides that will help them get tourists easily. Some entirely new packages will be introduced that will have a host (part time guide, a college student or a localite who wants an extra income just like freelancing) attached to it, who would take the traveller to the package prescribed locations. For e.g a solo food blogger comes to Raipur and he wants to taste and snap the real native food of Raipur, the host would take him to the best of food spots in the city which are free from fake reviews.

Shumela Naz

There will be portfolios of large number permanent guides (certified by the state govt.) easily available in the website and app, so that tourists can hire them feasibly as per their interests.

The team members working in the development of product are Jayant Kulharia, Mining engineering & Shumela Naz, Mining engineering under the guidance of BioMed Department Assistant Professor Dr Saurabh Gupta. Students have thanked their Director AM Rawani, Innovation Cell (I-Cell) NIT Raipur, Career Development Cell (CDC) Raipur and other members of the selection committee for selecting their project under the SEED GRANT.


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