Uttar Pradesh, Bijnor Police arrested Muslim youth for celebrating murder of a Hindu youth on social media

Mohammad Nazim in police custody for posting provocative message (Pic courtesy Jagran)

A Muslim youth named Mohammad Nazim has been arrested for posting an inciting message on social media to celebrate the gruesome murder of Jat youth Rachit Chowdhury. Bijnor Police has already arrested four Muslim assailants who had gunned down Rachit in the middle of a market broad daylight.

Police sources said the social media post was a bid to trigger and fan communal violence after the murder. The four arrested assailants have been booked under National Security Act on the order of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

Since the gruesome murder, Cyber Cell of Bijnor Police has been monitoring social media. In the course of this monitoring, police spotted the video posted by Nazim, saying “The throne maybe yours, but the crown will be ours, whichever city it is, we will rule it.

The History of Rachit Chowdhary murder:

Four Muslim youths were arrested after they cruelly shot down Rachit Chowdhary, son of Bablu Jat, in full public view at Jhalu of Bijnor district in Uttar Pradesh. Four of the five accused youths Shadab, Sariq, Shabaz and Shehzad were caught, but one of them escaped.

(Pic courtesy Jagran)


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