AAP demands justice for villagers face police harassment


Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Tuesday alleged that police is harassing innocent people opposing illicit liquor business in the state. AAP state president Komal Hupendi and secretary Uttam Jaiswal said that the illicit liquor business is flourishing in the state under the very nose of the government and people opposing the same are subject to harassment by the police. AAP leaders said that the villagers of Narra told them the atrocities they had to bear for protesting illicit liquor business.

Hupendi and Jaiswal said that Bhupesh Baghel government had promised in its pre-poll manifesto to ban liquor  if comes to power. AAP has been reminding the government about its pre-poll promises but in vain.

Out of power for 15 years, Congress government is hungry to such an extent that it ignores the welfare of state people, said the AAP leaders.

AAP leaders demanded justice for the villagers of Narra, Mahasamund, who were harassed by the police. The party also formed a 7-member investigation team under the leadership of Abhishek Jain, State President of the Business Cell of AAP. 

Abhishek Jain, Sanjay Yadav, Santosh Chandrakar, Durga Jha, Tejendra Todekar, Anusha Joseph, Bhupendra Chandrakar, Kalavati Marco are included in the team. These investigative teams visited Narra village and examined the case. The team members interacted with the villagers and found that villagers are scared by the police.


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