Muslim mob stabbed a Hindu boy to death after a dispute over Ram Mandir fund collection, four arrested.

Rinku Sharma (Photo credit OpIndia)

Communal tension triggered at Mangolpuri of Delhi as a mob of around 25 to 30 Muslims gruesomely stabbed a Bajrang Dal activist Rinku Sharma to death on late Wednesday night. Police have arrested four men named Mohammad Islam, Danish Nasruddin, Dilshan and Dilshad Islam.

Muslim mob storming the home Rinku Sharma

The four assailants had stormed into Rinku’s house and brutally killed him in cold blood. Besides being an active member of Hindu organization Bajrang Dal, Rinku Sharma also worked as a Lab Technician in a hospital at Paschim Vihar. Rinku survived by his father Ajay Sharma, mother Radha Devi and siblings Ankit Sharma and Manu Sharma.

According to the reports, Bajrang Dal activist had an argument with the assailants over the Ram Mandir construction and collection of fund for the same when a rally was taken out in January.

On the fateful day, Rinku Sharma and the assailants came across each other in a birthday party and a tussle broke out between them once again.

Talking to Sudarshan TV, deceased youth’s father told that around 25-30 people entered their home and attacked both of his sons. The attackers armed with sticks and knives stabbed Rinku and vandalized the house. Rinku was rushed to Sanjay Gandhi Hospital, but he succumbed to the injuries on Thursday afternoon.

(Photo credit OpIndia)


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