Islamists threatened Marwari Community to leave Tamil Nadu or face severe consequences.

Muslim functionaries of Islamist party TPDP arrested after BJP’s complaint; their supporters however felicitated the arrested men for their ‘fight against North Indians’

In a stark reminiscent of 1989 Jammu & Kashmir, Islamic organizations have issued threats to Marwari Community to leave the state of Tamil Nadu. The Islamists have started a hate campaign against the Marwari community and for that matter North Indians.

The pamphlet distributed by Islamic fundamentals

According to the Hindu Post, BJP Leader Kalyanaraman, who is known for his outspoken criticism regarding Muslim issues, was recently arrested for an alleged derogatory comment against Prophet. Though BJP leader was arrested, Islamist under the banner of Tamizhaga Makkal Jananayaka Katchi (Tamil Nadu People’s Democratic Party) picked the opportunity to vent out their hatred against North Indian in general and Marwari, in particular, for their alleged support to BJP.

The party distributed pamphlets to shopkeepers, asking them to shut down their shops in a lane of Trichy with the majority of shops owned by Marwar Community. The pamphlets read that Marwari foments communal tension in Tamil Nadu by funding BJP. If the fuel is stopped the vehicle would automatically stop. The outfit also threatened violence, saying Marwaris will be held responsible for any damage to public property or life and the government should collect compensation from them.

The pamphlet also alleged that the Marwari community is stealing jobs and business from Tamilians and threatened them to either leave Tamil Nadu and return to their native places. It even threatened to permanently shut down their shops if they do any mischief. The extremist Islamic organization TPDP was founded by one KM Sharif, who is a disciple of fundamentalist Muslim leader Ahmed Ali alias Palani Baba.

After the pamphlet distribution, BJP leaders/members and Marwari community staged protests, demanding the arrest of the TPDP leaders. But, as it turned out, Tamil Nadu Police arrested 75 BJP leaders and Marwari Community members, but as the protest grew vehement, Police arrested four TPDP members. Even after the arrest, TPDP members felicitated their arrested comrades in a brazen display of hatred and fearlessness towards laws.

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