Man carrying gun enter Maharani Hospital in Bastar


A man carrying gun entered the maternity ward of Maharani Hospital in Bastar and threatened the female staff, forcing lady staff for their mobile handsets. The female staff complained that this has been happening for the last three days. The matter has also been reported to City Kotwali police.

According to information, the female staff of Maharani Hospital has complained that an unknown man comes to the maternity ward at late night with a gun and threatens them for giving their mobile handsets.

One of the hospital workers informed that earlier the female staff had stopped working but after Hospital’s Civil Surgeon Dr Sanjay Prasad told them that the matter had been reported to the police, they have come back to their work.

If sources are to be believed,the maternity ward in the hospital was renovated recently and many CCTV Cameras were also installed there. However, hardly one camera works and all others are out of use.

The unavailability of CCTV cameras is also creating problems for police in their primary investigation. Some female workers of the hospital informed that during their night duty, often people come and misbehave with them,despite the hospital management has taken no steps for their security in the hospital.

It needs to be mentioned here that around 70 percent of the hospital staff is female and it becomes very important for the management to take proper safety and security measures for its staff.

District President of Chhattisgarh Pradesh Swasth Sangh Karamchari Ajay Pratap Singh Parihar alleged that leaving a few, all CCTV cameras in the hospital were out of use.

He complained that Civil Surgeon Dr Sanjay Prasad, despite being aware of the situation, didn’t bother to make proper arrangements for CCTV cameras.

He said that if the cameras would have been working, the accused person would have been in police custody till now. He further said that many security guards are deployed at the hospital but only a few of them are seen.

Civil Surgeon Dr Sanjay Prasad informed that it was true that an unknown man goes inside the maternity ward and threatens the female staff with a gun. He said that the matter had been reported to City Kotwali police and the police had started investigation. “All CCTV cameras in the hospital premises are working properly”, he added.

When contacted, Parliamentary Secretary and MLA Rekhchand Jain said that he had received information about this and he has approached SP Deepak Jha for the same. He said that it was  totally unacceptable that a man threatens people in a public place. “All the faulty CCTV cameras at the hospital premises will be repaired soon”, he announced.


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