Food grains to all during Corona period: Govt


Chhattisgarh claimed to have been successful in providing food security to all, during the lockdown for protection from corona infection virus. Similarly, every possible facility was provided to the migrant workers and individuals, state government claims.  Arrangements were made to provide food at the community restaurant along with distributing Charanpaduka to the needy. During the lockdown, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel took cognizance of the quarantine camps, health, food grains and traffic operated in the state.

All possible measures were taken to ensure food security to the citizens of the state as well as to provide adequate food and dry ration to the migrant workers, destitute and needy people.  New ration cards were issued to the remaining eligible families.  From March 22 to January 2021, 1 lakh 92 thousand 338 new ration cards were issued and names of 2 lakh 33 thousand 415 new members were also added, this process is still going on in the state.  After the implementation of Universal PDS by the state government, food grains are being provided to 97 percent of the population at present.

\Distribution of food grains under universal PDS

 Free rice was distributed to the 57 lakh Antyodaya, Priority, Annapurna, Single destitute and Disabled ration card holders during 3 months April, May and June 2020 under Universal PDS. 5 lakh 64 thousand 87 tonnes of rice were made available free of cost to these families in three months.  In addition, these ration card holders were distributed per member 5 kg rice and one kg gram free  by the Government of Chhattisgarh from April to November 2020.  In the month of June, one kg of arhar dal was also provided free of cost to the families holding ration cards.  In this way, 8 lakh 65 thousand 984 tons of extra rice and 45 thousand 781 tons of additional gram and pulses were provided free from April to November during the Corona  period.

\Free rice and gram to migrant people under Atmanirbhar Bharat scheme

From April to November, 2020, a total of 7 lakh 89 thousand 804 tonnes of rice and 41 thousand 200 tonnes of gram and pulses were distributed on per member basis to the National Food Security Act Antyodaya and Priority Ration card holders additionally.  Arrangements were made to provide 05 kg of rice per member and one kg of gram per family free of cost in the months of May and June to the migrant persons and workers returned from other states, who did not have ration cards under the Central or State Government schemes, under Atmanirbhar Bharat scheme.  Under this scheme, monthly allocation of 10 thousand 38 metric tons of rice and 528.30 metric tons of gram was released to the districts.  In Chhattisgarh state, 2 lakh 22 thousand 605 members of one lakh 9 thousand 179 families have been registered for obtaining food grains under Atmanirbhar Bharat scheme.  One thousand 733 quintal gram and 19 thousand 644 quintal rice were distributed to the registered members through fair price shops from May to June.

\Community restaurants and free dry rations in the districts of the state

To provide food to migrant workers and stranded people of other states and needy during the lockdown, the arrangements of community eateries in the districts and free dry ration were ensured in the districts with the help of district administration.  Voluntary organizations also actively participated in providing food and other assistance to the needy.

\Two quintals of rice in all gram panchayats of the state for the needy

The availability of 02 quintals of rice was ensured in every gram panchayat of the state to help the needy during the lockdown.  For this, allocation of 22 thousand 210 quintals of rice was made for 11,105 gram panchayats of the state.

\Allocation of rice in relief and quarantine camps operated in urban areas

229 quintal of rice was provided at a subsidized rate to the people living in relief camps and quarantine centers operating in urban areas.

\Operation of helpline and control room

 For ensuring availability, storage and monitoring of essential commodities in the state along with ensuring availability of food and dry rations to  migrant workers, poor families, destitute persons and needy families, a state level control room is being operated by the Food and Civil Supplies Department from 25 March 2020.  It’s  phone number is 0771-2882113.

 \Monitoring of availability and supply of essential commodities in the state     

To ensure availability and supply of essential commodities in the state, regular monitoring of daily market prices and adequate availability of essential commodities was conducted through Price monitoring cell.

\Information to the public regarding protection against Covid-19 through fair price shops

For prevention and control of Covid-19 infection adequate arrangements were made  for sanitization in all fair price shops operating under the public distribution system. Apart from this, all Covid-19 infection prevention measures were followed and social distance was maintained while distribution of food grains to the beneficiaries in the shops. People were informed about the prevention of corona virus.


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