Journalists stage agitation against Maoists for threatening


Journalists Ganesh Mishra and Leeladhar Rathi against whom pamphlets were distributed by the South Sub Zonal Committee of Maoists have opened a front against the extremists.

The journalists have made up their minds to launch phase-wise
agitation against the rebels. A meeting in this regard was held at
local Patrakar Bhawan. The media persons condemned the act of distributing pamphlets against the senior scribes.

As per decision taken in the meeting, a bike rally would be taken out
at Gangaloor, 22-kilometers away from Bijapur district head-quarters
on February 16, followed by day-long agitation.

The media persons from the state have been appealed to support the rally by participating in it. On February 18, massive agitation would be staged at Jagdalpur division head-quarter and later another bike rally would be taken out from February 20 to 22 in bordering areas of Sukma
and Bijapur districts. Besides media persons social workers and human right activists will also be a part of the rally.

While condemning the Naxal pamphlets, media persons said they had been
discharging their duties sincerely even in adverse conditions but they are being targeted. Earlier too, journalists Sai Reddy and Nemi Chand Jain have sacrificed their lives while discharging duties. Media persons should unite to keep up the freedom of expression and the dignity of the profession.

The pamphlet by Maosits reflects the growing frustration and madness
in the naxal ranks and files. Rattled by the losing ground, drying
down of recruitment, disassociation of masses in the recent
times Maoists are thoroughly confused about what to do and what not to do, said
Bastar Range Inspector General of police Sundarraj P. The Maoists have
fallen prey to the typical “if you are not my friend then you are my
enemy” syndrome. This thought and behavior of Naxal leadership would
prove to be the final nail in the coffin, added the IG.

Bharatiya Janata Party leader Manish Parakh has issued statements
against Naxals over fake allegations on journalists, social workers
and political parties. Parakh has given statements against life
threatening pamphlets distributed by Naxals. Parakh has
been vocal against Naxals and also led Samajik Ekta Manch.

Parakh said that Naxalite movement, which was started in the name of
empowering the poor, came to an end only on the day when they
abducted for ransom, exploited poor tribal in the greed of money and
power. They dared to run a parallel government through bomb blasts,
ruthlessly killing tribal, illegal recovery, disrupting development
with the intention to root out democratic power. Naxalism is now on the
verge of complete extinction, said Parakh.

Naxalites, not allowing their weakness to appear, are engaged in
recovery of levy from contractors engaged in construction works and
Tendupatta contractors. Such life threatening have been made against
journalists and social workers for exposing their faces to the poor
tribals. Even the Naxalites who served the Naxal
organizations for years have also realized that Naxalism has no future now or never.

Parakh further said that Naxals recently distributed pamphlets and termed
themselves as advocates of development and have made
allegations against journalists and social workers. It is well known
to Naxal leaders that Tribals who were silent due to Naxal terror are
raising voice against them. Looking at their shrinking base, Naxalites are now threatening journalists and social workers.


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