Engineering students develop artificial limbs for Divyang


Team YAN of LCIT Engineering College, Bilaspur, has devised a divine organ for Divyang named as DIVY-ANG with these lines of Gadbo Nava Chhattisgarh. Team YAN has also made many innovations during Covid-19. Members of YAN said that DIVY-ANG is their dream project, so that they can help the needy. They have designed two artificial organs.

For visually challenged persons, team YAN has developed a device by using ultra sonic sensor which will alert visually challenged persons from a distance of 4-feet about the hurdles through vibrator and small buzzer. The team is working its advanced version which is Camera enabled and work with high speed internet that will inform the visually impaired about all the things which are before them.

Prosthetic arm

Team has developed DAKSHATA one prosthetic arm which is connected to the lower side of elbow. The sensors presented are pasted on the surface of elbow and with its help all the movements inside the skin are converted to waves and make them reach to the controller unit. Then these waves are processed by microcontroller and make them reach to the fingers. “In short, once you think and accordingly there are movements in the fingers.  We have successfully tested its Beta version. Now we are working even more on it,” said the team members.

The aim of Team YAN is to modernize Students through technology, as well as to benefit the society from this technology.

The project is the brainchild of Yogesh Sahu and Nikit Vishwakarma, members of YAN Innovators, under the guidance of Professor Amit Awasthi.

“We aim to add people on the lines of Atmanirbhar Bharat and help them,” said Professor Awasthi. The team can be reached on Facbook, Instagram and YouTube under the name YAN INNOVATORS.


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