Madhya Pradesh will implement NITI Aayog’s six-point agenda: CM Chouhan

six-point agenda of NITI Aayog

Target of Rs 10 lakh crores GDP this year
CM Chouhan puts forth his views in NITI Aayog meeting

Bhopal, Feb 20

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that Madhya Pradesh is committed to achieve the target of Rs 10 lakh crore GDP this year to make India a 5 trillion dollar economy by 2024. NITI Aayog’s six-point agenda will be implemented in the state within the time-limit. In private sector, initiative can be taken to generate solar energy and develop forests in the degraded forest area spread over 30 lakh hectares in the state.

Chief Minister Chouhan said that the need of the hour is to use the amount received from the monetization of unusable public assets in a logical and scientific manner for development works.

Chief Minister Chouhan was expressing his views at the sixth virtual meeting of the Governing Council of NITI Aayog under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Narendra Modi from Mantralaya. Chief Secretary Iqbal Singh Bains was also present in the meeting.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi began the meeting saying that the Centre and States together worked against Corona, thus creating a good image of India in the world. Working in unison always brings good results. Despite being an agriculture dominated country, we get edible oil from other countries, efforts must be made to produce it in the country itself. Other agricultural products should also be consumed here, for which the state should take initiative. Possibilities available in this context must be explored.

Prime Minister Modi said that priority must be given to Ease of Living along with Ease of Doing. Unnecessary laws must be put to an end, focus should be on expectations of citizens.

Governing Council of NITI Aayog ideal example of collaborative federalism

Chief Minister Chouhan said that the Governing Council of NITI Aayog is an ideal platform for interaction between the centre and states and is an ideal example of cooperative federalism. This has led to an effective mechanism for the Center and the State to deliberate and carry forward the development agenda, which continues to be used with full authenticity.

New energy generated to turn disaster into opportunity

Chief Minister Chouhan said that Prime Minister Modi emerged as a strong leader of country during the difficult times of Corona. Many developed and prosperous countries could not face Corona with the competence and efficiency that India did under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi. Vaccine has been made available to many countries of the world along with our country. The inspiration to turn disaster into opportunity has generated new energy.

Roadmap made for Atmanirbhar Madhya Pradesh

Chief Minister Chouhan said that in accordance with the mantra of self-reliance given by Prime Minister Modi during the Corona era, we immediately started working towards realizing Atmanirbhar Madhya Pradesh. Webinars were organized with the help of NITI Aayog and roadmap prepared. Physical infrastructure, education and health, good governance, employment and economy were fixed as its four pillars. The targets set in these areas will be achieved within the time-frame. The 6-point agenda fixed by the NITI Aayog, in consultation with the states, keeping in view their conditions and needs, is welcome. The six-point agenda will be completed in Madhya Pradesh in a time-limit.

Union Budget –Budget of Atmanirbhar Bharat

Chief Minister Chouhan said that the Union Budget is actually a budget of Atmanirbhar Bharat. Earlier, the Union and the state budget used to come together. Due to this, only an draft of the budget of the state governments could be made. With the central budget initiated first by Prime Minister Modi, it has become possible for the state governments to make a practical and real budget.

Chief Minister Chouhan called upon the states that they can set such goals with mutual consent, to achieve which joint efforts can be made by central financial provision and the cooperation of the states. The Chief Minister suggested the states to work together by taking targets like tap water and roof for every house. With this, the whole country will be able to achieve some priorities simultaneously.

Global Manufacturing Hub

Chief Minister Chouhan said that “Start Your Business in Thirty Days’ system has been initiated in Madhya Pradesh to make India a global manufacturing hub. We have to work to implement the concept of Ease of Doing Business. It is essential to develop skills by giving them the necessary training to provide employment to the local youth. For this, a Global Skill Park is being developed in the state.

Districts should have healthy competition

Works started under the “Ek Zila Ek Utpad’ in view of the special qualities and characteristics of the districts, Chief Minister Chouhan gave information about works being undertaken to boost trade of the medicines obtained from forests in Amarkantak, garlic of Neemuch-Mandsaur and banana products of Burhanpur.

All three agricultural laws revolutionary

Chief Minister Chouhan said that all the three agricultural laws brought by the central government are revolutionary. These three laws are a powerful means of doubling the income of farmers. He said that procurement is going on in Madhya Pradesh at minimum support price (MSP). The country will have to think about diversification of agriculture. Apart from food grains, the work of changing the picture of agriculture sector is being done with the production of flowers, fruits, bee keeping etc.

Efforts will be made for self-sufficiency in edible oil

Chief Minister Chouhan said that Prime Minister Modi has stated the need for self-reliance in edible oil. He assured on behalf of the state that in the same way as pulses were produced in Madhya Pradesh, similar efforts will be made for self-sufficiency in edible oil. Chief Minister Chouhan said that organic farming, natural farming and zero budget farming are also necessary for the country. Giving information about the work being done in this direction and the activities of self-help groups in the state, Chouhan said that it is necessary to start this as a movement.

Initiatives in education and health

Chief Minister Chouhan emphasized the need to take new initiatives in the field of education and health. He said that development activities are going on in 50 aspirational development blocks in the state as well as in aspirational districts. Chief Minister Chouhan appreciated the efforts of Prime Minister Modi for the development of the nation. Chief Ministers of other states also expressed their views in the meeting.


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