Minor forest produce scheme over 8290 hectare area approved: Forest Minister Kunwar Shah


Bhopal, Feb 20

Forest Minister Kunwar Vijay Shah has said that the Laghu Vanopaj Sangh has approved a plan to plant saplings of minor forest produce over an area of 8 thousand 290 hectares. It has also been decided to increase the plantation of minor forest produce species from 5 to 10 percent in departmental plantations.

Forest Minister said that in departmental plantation schemes, local tree species and species associated with minor forest produce will be planted on priority. He informed that 5 thousand village forest committees will be benefitted in the next 3 years through the programme for improvement of degraded forests with people’s participation at the local level. This will help to conserve forests and strengthen the livelihood of villagers. For the improvement of forests and protection of jungles, the micro-management plan of 317 village forest committees has been prepared and harnessing has been started.

Over seven and a half lakh people will get employment

Forest Minister Kunwar Shah told that under forest management, 7 lakh 68 thousand people will be given 100 days of employment in the year 2021-22. For this, a master plan will be prepared as soon as possible.

Officers should stay overnight in forest areas

Forest Minister Kunwar Vijay Shah has asked the officials of the forest department to resolve the problems of the villagers by making overnight stay along with undertaking intensive tours of the forest areas.


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