Gondwana Cup qualifying round begins

Vishnu Vardhan

The qualifying round of Gondwana Cup All India Men’s Tennis Championship (2.5 lakh prize money) began at Chhattisgarh Club, Union  Club and VIP Club respectively on Saturday. Earlier, Sign In for the championship was held on Friday in which 120 players participated.

Aditya Tiwari

It is worthwhile to mention, the oldest and most prestigious tennis competition in Central India started at Union Club in 1937 in the pre-independence, in which the then famous tennis player FX Santiago, Riyazul Latif and Kishore Pithaliya (Junior), were the champions of their time, while Abhijeet Tiwari from Chhattisgarh was the champion in the recent time.

The general secretary of Chhattisgarh State Tennis Association (CSTA) and director of the championship Gurucharan Singh Hora said that white badge referee Prabin Nayak will conduct the matches while Rupendra Singh Chouhan will be the coordinator.


In the qualifying round played on Saturday, Ominder Baysoya defeated Ritesh by 9-1, Sivadeep Kosraju defeated Ayush by 9-4, B R Nikshep defeated Bibek Mahananda by 9-1, Yash Chourasia defeated Agastya by 9-0, Aditya Tiwari defeated Himanshu Mourya by 9-8(2), Madhwin Kamath defeated Raj Jitendra by 9-4, Olympian Vishnu Vardhan defeated Pawan Raj by 9-0. The winners entered the next round.


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