Central Police Forces are sent in Advance for Area Domination in concerned Poll Going States/UTs as a Standard Practice: ECI

Central Police Forces in poll bound states

Delhi, Feb 23
It has come to the notice of ECI that certain sections of media (like Indian Express, Hindustan Times) have reported on Central Police Forces being sent specifically to State of West Bengal.

ECI would however like to state the following:

Central Police Forces (CPFs) are routinely sent to all the States and UTs where Lok Sabha/ Vidhan Sabha elections are to take place, for advance area domination, especially in the critical and vulnerable sectors which are identified by meticulous advance reviews and concrete feedback from various sources including political parties and entities. This practice is going on since late 1980s.

During Lok Sabha elections 2019 also, Central Forces were sent to all States and UTs and the same has been done in all State Elections which have been taking place. In the instant case also the CPFs have been sent to all the four states namely Assam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and UT of Puducherry where Assembly Elections are to take place.

It may be of interest for the Media to know that the orders for CPF deployment were issued to the Chief Secretaries, the DGPs and the Chief Electoral Officers of these five States /UT on the same day, i.e. 16th February 2021.


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