Minister Kawasi Lakhma announces suspension of Industry Manager

Kawasi Lakhma

Minister for Commerce and Industries Kawasi Lakhma announced in Chhattisgarh Assembly that he would suspend the manager if found guilty of committing irregularities in the allotment of land meant for industrial development in Parsigarh Industrial area of Manendragarh constituency.
The Minister stated this in reply to a question asked by Manendragarh MLA Dr Vinay Jaiswal who wanted to know in the House on Wednesday about land allotted to industries.

Vinay Jaiswal

In response, Minister Lakhma said that work on industrial development was in progress and therefore land meant for industry was not allotted to anybody.
MLA Jaiswal informed the House that Industry Department Manager Shailesh Ranga allotted land to 17 people by misusing his power. Neither any advertisement not the reservation rule was followed in the allotment process, Jaiswal informed the House. Jaiswal demanded from the Minister the suspension of the Manager.
Initially, the Minister showed reluctance but agreed on the demand of the MLA taking the seriousness of the matter. The Minister said in the House that the matter is very serious. “The Manager has worked against the wish of the state government and therefore I announce the suspension of the Manager,” Minister told the House.


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