Father of Richa Bharti, who refused to distribute Quran on a Court’s order, shot dead.


The father of Richa Bharti, the brave girl who refused to distribute Quran copies on the order of a judge, was shot dead by two assailants at her native village in the Nalanda district of Bihar.

According to the reports, Richa’s father Mohan Kumar and mother were returning home from the farm at around 8:30 pm, when the attackers ambushed them in a darker stretch of the road opened fire at Mohan Kumar and then garroted him with a towel before dragging him through the farmland and dumping of his body in a well.

Richa’s mother Meena Devi told the Police that the two attackers were Chandramouli Prasad and Ranjit Kumar and narrated the entire incident in the FIR. As many as 8 unknown assailants have been booked.

Richa said the attackers had a long-standing hostility towards her father. She gave the names of 8 assailants to the police. She refused the incident having any connection to her past act of bravery against injustice.


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