Collector’s family administered Covid vaccine

The family members of Sukma District Collector under observation at district hospital after their vaccination on Monday.

As District Hospital in Sukma started the second phase of Covid vaccination from Monday, the family members of District Collector Vinit Nandanwar were administered vaccines at the hospital. The first dose of Covid vaccine was administered to Suryaprakash Nandanwar followed by Omprakash Nandanwar and Shyam Kumar Sao along with the father of Collector Vijay Nandanwar. After the vaccination, they were kept under observation for half an hour. They also appealed senior citizens of the district to get vaccinated.

It is worthwhile to mentioned, more than 60 years and 45 to 59 years of comorbidties of the district will be vaccinated.

One of the family members of Sukma Collector Vinit Nandanwar being administered Covid vaccine.

The District Collector said that Covid vaccine is completely safe. Frontline warriors were administered vaccine under the first phase, he said. Now in the second phase, the senior citizens of the district are appealed to get vaccinated without any fear and nervousness, so that 100 per cent people in the district can be vaccinated safely, he said.


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