HINDU-HATRED IN OXFORD UNIVERSITY- Indian Hindu girl targetted for her Hindu identity, forced to resign from the post of Oxford University Students Union


In a prime example of deep-seated Hindu-hatred in Western Academia, Rashmi Samant was allegedly forced to resign from the president post of Oxford University Students Union after being a target of an online hate campaign over her Hindu identity and anti-colonization thoughts. Hailing from Udupi, a small town in Karnataka, Rashmi had created history by becoming the first Indian woman to win the election of Oxford University Students Union on February 11, 2021.

Rashmi Samant and her parents were allegedly targeted by students as well as faculty members who hurled online vile abuse for some old social media posts. The online trolls called her racist and insensitive, an Islamophobe, Trans-phobic and even anti-Semitist. She was even targeted for her Hindu identity.

In one of her post in 2017, she visited the Holocaust memorial in Berlin Germany and posted some photographs. In a photograph where she was standing in front of Buddha Mandir with caption Ching Chong.

As she became president, a students’ newspaper “Cherwell” published. In another caption, she compared the former prime minister of Cape Colony (present-day South Africa) to Adolf Hitler.


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