Opposition stages walkout in House


Expressing resentment over the answer given by Minister Md Akbar on behalf of State Excise Minister Kawasi Lakhma on special Corona Cess imposed on liquor, Opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) staged a walk out during the Question Hour of Chhattisgarh Legislative Assembly on Wednesday. It is to be mentioned, the state government has imposed cess on country-made liquor and foreign liquor to generate fund keeping in view Corona crisis.

BJP MLA Ajay Chandrakar asked about the types of cess, purpose of such cess and use of amount accumulated from the cess. The Opposition members in the House created uproar over the issue and staged walk out when they did not get satisfactory answer from the minister as

Excise Minister Kawasi Lakhma only informed the House about the amount collected from the cess. On it, Speaker Dr Charandas Mahant asked Minister Md Akbar to answer these questions on behalf of Minister Lakhma.

Akbar said that the amount collected from the cess will be used on education, infrastructure development, health and nutrition. However, the money is yet to be spent, replied Akbar when the Opposition wanted to know about the cess money spent so far. 

Chandrakar further asked how could state government spent this Fund on Godhan Nyay Yojana when it is meant for health, education and infrastructure development. Chandrakar again said that the peak of Corona has passed and now fear of another stain is looming large but the amount has not been given to the health department as per provision made by the government. In response, Akbar said the money will be spent for fixed purpose.

The Opposition questioned the role of General Administration Department (GAD) in the fund. Akbar said that the GAD will coordinate with all the departments. In the meantime, Speaker Dr Mahant told Chandrakar that his question is too difficult but the Opposition kept on insisting money for health department. The Opposition walked out to express their dissatisfaction over the government’s stand on the issue.


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