MAHARASHTRA: Police officials, hostel employees allegedly forced women hostlers to strip dancing in Jalgaon.


Some Maharashtra Police officials have been accused of forcing residents of Ashadeep Women’s hostel to strip dance in Jalgaon. The hostel employees also reported having colluded with the police in the heinous act.

A social service organization has lodged a complaint with the District Collector Abhijeet Raut and submitted videos of the incident as proof. The Collector has assured of promopt and fair investigation in the case.

According to the complaint, some police personnel entered the hostel in the pretext of investigation, but instead the police personnel forced the women to perform strip dancing by threatening to kill them if the women don’t oblige.

The Maharashtra Department of Women and Child Welfare runs the hostel to provide shelter to the destitute and oppressed women. The matter came to light after the visit of Feroz Pinjari, Farid Khan and Mangala Sonwane of Jananayak Foundation visited the women’s hostel. The social workers were stopped from entering. However, the women narrated their ordeal from the windows of the building.


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