Opposition BJP and JCCJ creates uproar in House over illegal sand mining


Opposition BJP raised the illegal sand mining issue, going on rampant in the state in the Assembly, on Wednesday. The Opposition members created chaos in the House demanding a discussion on the issue during the Zero Hour of the House.

The opposition while terming the issue as very serious, alleged that the sand mafia has become so strong that it has not only diverted River Sheonath by carrying out illegal mining of sand violating the directives issued by the National Green Tribunal and also allegedly changed the announcement made by the Chief Minister in the House. Thereafter the Deputy Speaker announced that the issue will be taken up for discussion in the House on any other date through some other means.

This led to utter chaos in the House by the Bharatiya Janata Party Legislators who were supported by JCC Legislative Party Leader Dharamjit Singh.

Soon after the Question Hour and tabling of annual reports and letters in the House, BJP Legislator Shivratan Sharma raised the issue of illegal sand mining said the BJP has moved Adjournment Motion on this topic and urged the Deputy Speaker in the chair, to hold discussions.

Shivratan Sharma, Legislators including Dr Raman Singh, Ajay Chandrakar, Dhramalal Kaushik, Dharamjit Singh, Narayan Chandel, Saurabh Singh, Dr Krishnamurty Bandhi, Rajneesh Kumar Singh, Punnulal Mohle, Ranjana Deependra Sahu, etc raised the issue. They alleged that the norms set by NGT for sand mining are being flouted openly. Whether the state government is directing sand mafia or is it vice versa, is the big question as the illegal sand mining is going on unabated under political patronage. Neither police nor mining department officials act against the sand mafia, on the contrary if villagers take sand for their own work they are being penalized.

JCCJ Leader Dharamjeet Singh alleged under political patronage, people from the ruling party are allegedly involved in the illegal mining. A sort of ‘jungleraaj’ is prevailing in the state. Already the liquor mafia is active and now the sand mafia is gradually becoming stronger.

Former Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh alleged sand mining is being carried out by keeping all norms at bay. The illegal mining has become so rampant that the direction of Sheonath river has changed. This issue needs immediate discussion because under political patronage all anti-social elements and gunda-elements have jumped into this trade.

The BJP Legislators alleged most of the sand mines are being illegally operated by members of the sand mafia. The ruling Congress government for personal benefits changed policy numerous times. Despite state government announcement, the tendering process couldn’t be carried out in any sand mines. It is unfortunate that those mines for which the tendering process has been completed, such mines are deliberately deprived of environment clearances. Also this rampant illegal mining of sand is causing huge loss to the public exchequer but the state government is not serious about it.

However, the Chair put the Motion under consideration which led to pandemonium in the House. Amidst slogans by the opposition, the Chair gave its ruling that the issue will be taken up for discussion through some other means.


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