Around 10000 children sexually abused by Catholic Church clergy and officials in France.


Approximately 10000 children have reportedly been sexually abused by a clergy and other officials of a Catholic Church in France since 1950s. An independent commission set up to probe such crimes reported.

 “It’s possible that the figure is at least 10,000,” head of the commission, Jean-Marc Sauve, told AFP, adding that numbers previously suggested by the investigators were “certainly an underestimate.” 

French Catholic Bishops set up the commission by comprising 22 legal professionals, doctors, historians, sociologists and theologians in 2018 after a string of sex scandals by clergy and Church officials.

The Commission had reported the numbers of children abused  by Catholic Church clergy and officials was around 3000 in June, 2020. At least 1500 clergy and Church officials were accused of abusing children based on voluntary testimonies recorded since 2019.


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