Part-4: Budhapara, Sadar Bazaar and Gole Bazaar; Nayapara, the epicentre of Freedom Fighters


Nayapara is a locality adjacent to the Gole Bazaar. Nayapara gave several freedom fighters who not just contributed to raising the fight for freedom in CP Barar State and the nation but also gave a new direction to the politics.

Freedom fighter late Rajendra Prasad Choubey resided in front of Banke Bihari Mandir of Nayapara. He was elected as Raipur District Congress Committee’s President once and District Cooperative Bank’s chairman twice. He drafted the outlay of Raipur city’s first residential colony. And the Colony was named after him as Choubey Colony.  Late Jaiprakash Narayan, late Ladli Moham Nigam often visited the home of Rajendra Prasad Choubey. Close to the home of Choubey is the home of Shiv Prasad Mishra. Former Chief Minister late Dwarika Prasad Mishra, who also went by the moniker of Chanakya, used to stay in home Shiv Prasad. At the same place was residence of freedom fighter cum Mahakaushal Press’s first editor late Swaraj Prasad Trivedi. Another freedom fighter late Hanuman Prasad Dubey resided near Banke Bihari Mandir. After the freedom, he won elections of Corporator. He was a resident of Nayapara, but he fought election from Tikrapara.

Near the home of late Trivedi lived freedom fighter cum Kumhari’s malguzar late Vallabh Das Gupta and a meters ahead of that was the home of freedom fighter late Thakur Pyarelal Singh, whose elder son late Ramkrishna Singh was elected as MLA and also a member of Public Service Commission and Ramkrishna’s youngest son late Hari Thakur was also a freedom fighter. late Thakur Pyarelal Singh and late Hari Thakur gave valuable contribution in the freedom struggle as well as Cooperative sector.

Present, there are two shops of “Rakhiya Paak” (a kind of sweet made of wax gourd), but there were a lot of Rakhiya Paak shops in the area. Hotels/restaurant nearby used to procure Rakhiya Paak from there. And there were shops of Lakheres, who sold Laac bangles. There were also oil mills of Hazi Phool Mohammad, Surja Bhai and Genda. They used to extract oil from groundnut, sesame and mustard and sold the husk along with the oil. At the same place were the dairies run by families of Sharda Maharaj, Mathura Maharaj and Aditya Hotel owners.

Little down the road ahead of Nayapara is Telipara, where mostly Maharashtrian Teli community resides. Freedom fighter late Narayan Rao Ambilkar was resident of this area. Late Vasudev Sharma, who launched Chhattisgarh’s first “Panchang-Dev Panchang” also lived here. He was Kashmiri Brahmin. His son Laxmikant Sharma is a professor at Durga College.

Two lore of Nayapara are still famous. The famous seller of traditional medicines, Sukhnandanlal Gupta also has a home at Nayapara. They used to process the traditional medicines at home, the smell of which could be sensed in the alleyways in front of his home. Nayapara was also home to one perfume trader, whose shop still operates here. People could easily figure out the home of the shop’s owner by the aroma. People even gossiped how even his clothes would reek of scents when going to wash.

To be continued…

By Ajay Verma.


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