When Principal Secretary asks questions to teachers…

Dr Alok Shukla, PS, School Education, holding meeting of PLC.

A meeting of the State level Professional Learning Community on Social Science was held at State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT), Raipur in the presence of the School Education Department Principal Secretary Dr Alok Shukla.

The Principal Secretary spoke to the subject experts of Political Science, Economics, Geography and History and highlighting the need for Professional Learning Community (PLC). He insisted that the teachers should keep learning throughout their life which is the demand of the time.

The need of the hour is to adopt modern technology to further improve education and teaching. Every teacher has an incomparable ability. There is a difference in the methods of explaining two different teachers on the same topic in the class. The Principal Secretary asked a questioned about evidence that there was a sea where there is Himalayan Mountains. The teachers found it difficult to answer such a difficult question. He then asked about secularism and fundamental rights, Gross Domestic Income etc.

Professional Learning Community group was asked to teach and learn from each other. It may be noted that as per the instructions of the Principal Secretary, PLC meeting of state level has been held in the subject of Mathematics, Science and English in the past. The meeting on Saturday was telecast live on YouTube which was seen and understood by the teachers from far regions. The meeting was also attended SCERT’s Dr Yogesh Shivhare, Technical Expert Satyajit Iyer.


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