Shiv Sena burns effigy of Union Petroleum Minister

Shiv Sena members staging a demonstration in protest against fuel price hike.

Shiv Sena has stepped up its protest against rising prices of petrol and diesel in almost all the districts of Chhattisgarh. In the same sequence,  Shiv Sena protested against the rising price of petrol and diesel under the leadership of District Secretary Chandrakant Verma and Assembly constituency head Anand Sahu.

They alleged that inflation is soaring due to the continuous increase in petrol price by the central government. The general public is suffering. Members of Shiv Sena carried out a rally from village Charauda to Dharsiwan and burnt effigy of the union petroleum minister.

Those attended the effigy burn programme were Shashank Deshmukh, Rahul Sonwani, Girish Soni, Prakash Yadav, Vicky Nirmalkar, Kailash Sahu, Sanjay Sonkar, Ayush Das, Ballu Jangde, Santosh Markandey, Parmanand Verma, Jayant Yadav, Khilesh Banjare, Raja, Nikhil, Rahul, Hrithik, Suraj, Raja Sahu, Rameshwar, Sanju, Kamesh, Govind, Tridev Sonwani, Heera Sonwani, Mohan Chaturvedi, Rupesh Verma, Komal Dahria and  Rohit Waves.


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