Hindu boy killed for loving a Muslim girl, girl’s mother and uncle booked


A 14-year-old Hindu boy was allegedly murdered in an extremely grisly manner for reportedly being in friendship with a Muslim girl in Kalauragi, Karnataka late last month. His mutilated body was thrown into the river Bhima.

According to the reports, the class-9th student at the Government School of village Naribol, developed a close friendship with a Muslim girl of the same age from a neighbouring colony in the village. Villagers discovered his dead body afloat river Bhima at some distance from the village. Police recovered the body and identified him with the help of family members.

The postmortem report revealed that his murders had chopped off his genitals and nose before killing him. The victim boy had left home on February 22 to go to a temple. As he didn’t return for a long time, the anxious family members searched. The family members learned about the boy’s relation with a Muslim girl from his friends. The boy also reportedly gifted a mobile phone to the girl.

As boy’s uncle met the girl, she returned the gifted mobile phone.  A missing complaint in this connection was lodged with the Jewargi Police Station. Police investigation revealed that the girl’s mother had warned the boy not to meet her daughter and also sought the assistance of a relative to threaten the boy.

Police said the girl’s uncle had duped the boy away from the village on the pretext of talking on February 22 and his body was found a few kilometres from the Naribola village. An FIR has been filed under Section 363, 302, and 201 of the Indian Penal Code for kidnapping, assassination and disappearance of evidence and relevant sections of SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act against Mehboob and the girl’s mother.


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