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Minor girl raped for nine days, 20 accused including a woman and four minors arrested by Rajashthan Police.


RAJASTHAN: Yet another day and yet another gang rape reported from Rajasthan as now a minor reportedly has been sexually assaulted by several men for 9 days in Kota of Rajasthan. Police have arrested 20 accused in the case including four minors and one woman.

According to the police sources, the incident happened on February 25. An accused Chauthmal Gurjar took the 15-year-old girl to Jhalwad on the pretext of getting her bag. In Jhalwad, Gurjar handed her over to some boys he knows.

The victim was then taken to the fort of Gagron and thereafter she was locked in a room in Jhalwad, where she was repeatedly raped for nine days. She pleaded for mercy, but the rapists threatened her with a knife and often injected her drugs whenever she screamed in pain. The accused woman Bulbul had brought the victim back from Jhalwad to Suket. The victim and her mother lodged a report with the police on March 6 2021.



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