Madhya Pradesh becomes wheat state


Year of victory in challenges vs. chief minister

Bhopal, Mar 21

Challenges are an important part of a successful person’s life, but what is important is how you face those challenges. Probably something similar came in front of the Chief Minister of the state Shivraj Singh Chouhan when he was sworn in as the Chief Minister on March 23, 2020. The challenge of facing Corona with empty treasury and the task of saving life of seven-and-half crore people of the state was before him.

There was neither any minister nor a cabinet; the Chief Minister himself was also the minister. The times were difficult but the confidence was high. The one-member cabinet showed his leadership skills by reviewing Corona in the Mantralaya on the day of his oath. Challenges were all around but there was confidence of success and the supportive hand of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was behind him.

The battle against Corona had to be fought sitting in the home because protection from Corona was the main weapon for victory over Corona. On a call of the Prime Minister, the people of the country and the state stopped their work within a few hours, wherever they were, and got confined in their homes. It is said that no war can be fought on an empty stomach. The main challenge before Chief Minister Chouhan was how to provide ration to his people fighting against Corona like an Army while sitting at their homes. On the other hand, wheat was standing ready in the fields. First, purchase wheat at a suitable price, then store it and distribute it door-to-door to the public.

Procurement of 1.29 crore M.T. of wheat

Despite the silence of Corona lockdown, under the leadership of Chief Minister Chouhan, bumper procurement of one crore 29 lakh 28 thousand 379 metric tonnes of wheat was made on the support price in the state. This is the highest in any state of the country. An amount of 25 thousand crores was paid to the farmers as support price, which was about 11 thousand crores more than the payment made in the previous year 2018-19. This year too, for 2021-22, farmers have registered to sell their produce at the support price. Procurement work will start from March 22 in Indore and Ujjain and April 1 at the remaining places.

Instant online payment

At 4 thousand 527 procurement centres in the state, payments of produce purchased on the support price were successfully transferred online in the accounts of 15 lakh 55 thousand 453 farmers. For this year 2021-21, 19 lakh 46 thousand farmers had registered for purchase on support price. Out of this, 15 lakh 29 thousand farmers sold 122 lakh metric tonnes of wheat. As a successful payment to the farmers, an amount of Rs 16 thousand 183 crore 77 lakh 21 thousand 757 has been transferred to their accounts online.

Targeted procurement in fixed time

One crore 7 lakh 27 thousand 926 metric tonnes of wheat, which is 87.33 percent of the total wheat procured, was transported and stored in safe warehouses. In adverse circumstances due to lockdown and with social distancing, wheat procurement over a certain period of time is also an achievement along with necessity in view of the monsoon season.

Small and medium farmers benefitted

In this one year, out of the total registered farmers of the state, 13 lakh 80 thousand small, medium and marginal farmers sold their produce at the support price. These include about 3 lakh 81 thousand marginal farmers, while 5 lakh 41 thousand small farmers including 4 lakh 68 thousand medium farmers took advantage of the procurement. Small, medium and marginal farmers sold 86.57 metric tonnes of wheat. Of these, marginal farmers have so far sold a total of 9 lakh 26 thousand metric tonnes, small farmers 28 lakh 38 thousand metric tonnes and medium farmers have sold 48 lakh 93 thousand metric tonnes of wheat on support price. The rest of the wheat was purchased from big farmers at a support price.

If the credit of making the state the wheat state goes to someone then it goes to the farmer of the state, the Anna-Data of the state. The government is committed to doubling the income of farmers and making agriculture a profitable business. Due to good production in the state, a new history has been created by acquiring bumper wheat crop from 16 lakh farmers this year. In this way, Madhya Pradesh became the number one state of the country in wheat procurement.

Repeating this success again, the work of paddy procurement in the state was also successfully completed. As a result, till January 21, more than 37 lakh 27 thousand metric tonnes of paddy has been acquired from more than 5 lakh 86 thousand farmers. Besides, more than 2 lakh 24 thousand metric tonnes of sorghum and millet have also been purchased from 42 thousand 400 farmers on support price. More than Rs 33 thousand crore was transferred to farmers’ accounts against the procurement of wheat, paddy and other crops.

Planned distribution of ration

After the procurement, the government faced the challenge of distributing ration to its people. The challenge was because the lockdown and social distancing caused by Corona had to be followed during distribution. The government did this very well by distributing ration under food security to 4 crore 72 lakh members of one crore 10 lakh eligible families. Under the Antyodaya Anna Yojana, 35 kg food grains per family were distributed to the eligible families and 5 kg per member per month to the priority families at the rate of Re. 1 per kg.

“One Nation – One Ration Card” Scheme

With the effective implementation of the “One Nation-One Ration Card” scheme to provide food grains to the citizens of the state living outside the state, the beneficiaries from the state are now free to take food grains in any state where they are living outside the state. Food grains were provided to more than 3 lakh 85 thousand families by the month of January through inter-state portability. Apart from this, a person living in the state can also get ration from any shop in his area.

Ann Utsav

The state government also attempted to ensure that the poor’s plate does not remain empty under any circumstances. Under this, eligibility slips were issued to newly identified persons of various categories, who were still deprived of getting ration through the public distribution system. Through the “Ann Utsav” programme, ration distribution was started through public distribution system to over 6 lakh 46 thousand families holding new eligibility slips of 25 categories. Till now regular ration distribution has been done to about 31 lakh members of about 9 lakh such families.

Procurement of gram, masoor, mustard

During the one-year tenure of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, more than 8 thousand metric tonnes of gram, masoor and mustard were procured from about 3 lakh farmers in the state and more than Rs 3 thousand 900 crore was paid to them. In the state, 37 lakh 26 thousand metric tonnes of paddy was procured from 5 lakh 89 thousand farmers. Total amount paid to farmers was Rs 6 thousand 961 crore for the acquired paddy. Similarly, one lakh 95 thousand metric tonnes of millet and 29 thousand metric tonnes of jowar have been procured.


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