KARNATAKA: Fearing curse of God, two Muslim men confessed to urinating, putting condom in Hindu temples’ donation box after mysterious death of their accomplice

Koragajje temple

Mangalore Police arrested two Muslim men in connection to the incident, wherein a condom was found in the donation box of a Hindu temple of deity Lord Koragajje, an Avatar of Lord Shiva, in Mangaluru on April 1, 2021.  The men identified as Raheem (32) and Taufiq (35) are resident of the Jokatte area in Mangalore.

According to the reports, Police Commissioner N Shashi Kumar said five similar cases of miscreants putting in objectionable items into the donation boxes of Hindu temples in the past three months, including a condom at Koragajja Katte temple. Police were on the lookout for culprits but to no avail.

But as it happened, Raheem amd Taufiq suddenly began visiting temple to pray for forgiveness from the priests. At first, the priest took it some sort of prank, but the duo finally confessed their crime and surrendered to the police.

Taufiq and Raheem were scared after the main culprit named Nawaz, who had dropped the condom in the donation box, died in the mysterious circumstances. Nawaz met a painful end after showing symptoms like acting insanely, aggravating into blood vomiting and dysentery. Nawaz descended to insanity and slammed his own head on the wall which led to his grisly end. In his last words, Nawaz uttered that Lord Koragajja was angry with them.

Soon after the death of Nawaz, Taufiq also started showing similar symptoms like blood vomiting. Taufiq and Raheem were scared to the core of their heart and realized only confession and seeking forgiveness from deity can save them.

The duo then contacted the priest of the temple to make a confession of their mistake. The priest asked them to come during Nemotsava, where they admitted their heinous mistake. The trio had committed similar acts at three different temples.


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