Naxal carrying cash reward surrenders in Dantewada under Lon Varratu initiative

Naxal surrendered under Lon Varratu initiative

Raipur (Chhattisgarh), April 3

In another setback of naxal movement, an insurgency carrying cash reward of Rs 1 lakh surrendered before police in Maoist-hit Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh under ‘Lon Varratu’ initiative, police said on Friday.

Impressed by the initiative ‘Lon Varratu’, a janmilitia commander identified as Joga Telam quit naxal movement, said police officials, adding that Telam was carrying cash reward of Rs 1 lakh on his head.

Notably, under ‘Lon Varratu’ (return home in local Gondi dialect) initiative, Dantewada police have put posters and banners in the native villages of at least 1,600 Naxals, mostly carrying cash rewards on their heads, and appealed them to quit Maoists movement and join mainstream of the society.

According to police, Telam was allegedly involved in several naxal incidents, including damaging road, planting spikes, putting naxal posters-banners and others, took place in the district. Under this campaign, around 328 ultras have surrendered, of which 88 were carrying reward.


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