Break infection chain by staying indoors, ensure Janata curfew till April 30: CM Chouhan

Janata curfew to break infection chain

Private practitioners will also give provide consultation to Home Isolation patients
Responsibilities assigned to ministers for Corona infection prevention and awareness
Emergency Cabinet meeting on Corona infection concludes

Bhopal, April 22

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that the ministers in charge should remain in touch with the Corona patients under home isolation through phone. This will help in making the District Command and Control Center arrangements alert and continuously active. It is essential to instill faith in the public by improving arrangements of Home Isolation and Covid Care Centers. This will help reduce the increasing burden on hospitals due to Corona infection.

Chief Minister Chouhan said that 100 percent implementation of Janata curfew should be ensured from the district to the villages till April 30 to break the chain of infection. The ministers in charge should create necessary environment at all levels for this. In this regard, there should be no laxity at any stage.

The decision to this effect was taken at an emergency meeting of the Cabinet held on Corona infection under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Chouhan. Chief Minister Chouhan virtually addressed the meeting from his residence. The meeting began with the rendition of Vande Mataram. Additional Chief Secretary Health Mohammad Suleman gave a presentation on the status of Corona in the State before the Cabinet.

Decision was taken at the Cabinet meeting to ensure arrangements to provide advice, guidance and counseling of reputed private doctors to the patients living in home isolation in all the districts. Along with this, the cooperation of Corona Volunteers will be sought through the Jan Abhiyan Parishad to provide better counseling and necessary arrangements to the people living in the Home Isolation.

Covid Care Center arrangements will be strengthened at the development block and community health center level. Oxygen beds will be arranged at these centers. Currently 136 Covid Care Centers are operating which will be increased as per requirement. The staff of AYUSH will be entrusted with the responsibility in these centres. Better arrangements for treatment, care, cleanliness and food etc. will be made in these centres, so that people develop faith in these centers.

The Cabinet decided to ensure necessary arrangements for treatment of Covid-19 in all district hospitals. Information will be given to other districts regarding the innovations and arrangements made in the districts where the number of Corona infected has been controlled, including Burhanpur, Khandwa, Chhindwara, and other districts, so that the respective districts should make arrangements according to their circumstances.

The Cabinet decided that a protocol will be developed regarding use of Remdesivir injection as advised by senior doctors and experts. This responsibility has been given to Medical Education Minister Vishwas Sarang and Public Health and Family Welfare Minister Dr. Prabhuram Chaudhary.

The Cabinet decided that vaccines will be administered to those above 18 years in the state. The campaign will be paced up to ensure that maximum number of people are vaccinated in the state.

It was decided by the Council of Ministers that Corona Support Centers would be set up in hospitals. Consultation will be provided in these centres for providing medical kits and treatment to patients of cold, cough.

It was also decided to make suitable arrangements to test people returning from Haridwar Kumbh and from other states and quarantine them at the village level.

The Cabinet decided that Kill Corona Abhiyan-2 will be launched in the blocks where the number of Corona infected persons and those affected by cold and cough are more. With the cooperation of Panchayat and Rural Development Department, Anganwadi workers and Health Department staff, door-to-door survey will be done to identify the affected persons.

Arrangements will be made to provide medical kits to such persons, conduct appropriate checkups and to keep them under home isolation or in Covid Care Centers, if required. The chowkidars in the villages will be entrusted with the responsibility of informing the people affected by cold and cough.

The Cabinet decided that pamphlets will be made and distributed to generate public awareness and provide correct information regarding Corona infection and prevention. Kadha distribution programme and yoga se nirog programme will be started to increase immunity. Also, it will be ensured at district level that media provides positive, factual and correct information.

It was decided by the Council of Ministers that necessary training sessions would be organized for the eligible persons to develop a parallel system of doctors and paramedical staff engaged in the war against Corona infection. Special programmes will be organized to maintain the enthusiasm of doctors and paramedical staff.

The Cabinet decided that arrangements for delivery will be made in separate sub-health centers, to protect pregnant women from the possibility of infection and to reduce the chances of Corona infection spreading in villages. The Cabinet considered the possibility of running special programmes for vaccination of ration shopkeepers.

Responsibility given to ministers

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan entrusted responsibilities to the ministers at the state level for the prevention of Corona infection in the Cabinet meeting. Minister Gopal Bhargava was entrusted with the task of completing the construction of Covid Care Center and Oxygen Plant in the state within a time-limit. Minister Tulsiram Silavat will monitor effective operation of the 2000-bed hospital being developed at the Radha Soami Satsang Beas campus in Indore and construction of other similar Covid Care Centers.

Minister Vijay Shah will ensure distribution of medical kit brochures to patients living in home isolation in the state and will ensure doctors’ calls and medical advice twice a day to such patients. In this work, there will also be a team of Health Department and Urban Administration. Minister Dr. Prabhuram Chaudhary, Minister Bhupendra Singh and Minister OPS Bhadauria will coordinate.

Minister Bhupendra Singh will coordinate the construction of 1000 beds being built near Bina Refinery. Minister Brijendra Pratap Singh will ensure the facilities of distribution of medical kit brochures, medical advice, yoga pranayam, food etc. to the patients living in Covid Care Centers in the state. Minister Dr. Mahendra Singh Sisodia will ensure necessary measures to prevent the spread of Covid infection in rural areas of the state, home isolation in villages and distribution of medical kits, brochures to patients in Covid Centers. Minister Ramkhelavan Patel will support in this work.

Minister Vishwas Sarang will look into the construction of Covid Care Center in Bhopal with the support of various institutions and to increase number of beds in Bhopal hospitals.

Minister Usha Thakur in collaboration with Jan Abhiyan Parishad will ensure effective implementation of the ‘Mein Corona Volunteer’ campaign and effective use of the volunteers in Corona related activities.

Minister Arvind Bhadoria has been given the responsibility of ensuring uninterrupted supply of oxygen from outside the state in the state. Minister of State Ram Kishore Kanwre will ensure free distribution of kadha and effective implementation of Yoga Nirog Abhiyan to increase immunity to one crore families of the state. Minister Dr. Rajwardhan Singh Dattigaon will coordinate the supply of oxygen from industries. Minister OPS Bhadauria will look into measures to prevent Covid infection in cities, sanitization of cities, provision of home isolation in cities and distribution of medical kits.


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