Over 50 thousand tests being conducted every day, positivity rate continuously decreasing

Monkeypox in Delhi
Number of patients recovering is increasing day by day 
Bhopal, April 23

The positive rate of Corona is continuously decreasing due to all-round efforts being made to prevent Corona infection in the state. On Thursday, the state’s Corona positivity rate was 24.29 percent, which has come down to 23.76 percent on Friday. Currently more than 50 thousand tests are being conducted every day. A total of 57 thousand 176 tests were conducted on Thursday April 22, which is the highest number of daily tests conducted till now. Mobile teams have also been sent to all the districts to collect samples.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that the number of healthy and infection-free people is increasing every day due to increased co-ordination, management and medical facilities. As many as 6836 patients on April 19, 8937 on April 20, 9035 on April 21, 9620 on April 22 and 10 thousand 833 Corona patients on April 23 have recovered and returned home after becoming infection free.

Chief Minister Chouhan said that it is a matter of relief that in the last 24 hours, more patients have recovered in these districts than the number of new Corona cases reported in 15 districts.

DistrictNew positive patientsRecovered patients
Aagar Malwa55124

Home isolation

More than 52 thousand 300 patients are currently in home isolation in the state. 93 percent of these patients have been contacted at least once over the telephone. Medical kits and health brochures are being provided to 100 percent of patients living in home isolation in urban and rural areas.

Covid Care Centres

As many as 144 Covid Care Centers have been started in 52 districts of the state, in which patients with mild symptoms are being admitted. A total of 8,472 isolation beds and 415 oxygen beds have been arranged at present. Similarly, so far more than 19 thousand 700 institutional quarantine centers have been set up in rural areas of the state, in which more than 2 lakh 36 thousand beds have been established. Medical kits and health brochures are being provided to cent per cent of the patients residing in the Covid Care Centers / Institutional Quarantine Centers set up in urban and rural areas.

Hospital and beds

On April 1, the total number of beds available in the state was 20 thousand 159, which has increased to 48 thousand 371 today. In the last 22 days, total of more than 28 thousand beds have been increased. This will continue uninterrupted.


So far, the health workers, front line workers, senior citizens and more than 77 lakh 65 thousand people above 45 years of age have been vaccinated. From May 1, those above 18 will be vaccinated as planned. More than 3 crore 22 lakh citizens of the state will get vaccinated. The state government will spend about Rs 2,710 crore on this work.


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