Improvement in supply of Remdesivir injections and oxygen cylinders in district hospitals: Collector


Raipur, Apr 26

District Collector Dr S Bharathi Dasan, Director Health Services Neeraj Bansod and State Nodal Officer for Remdesivir Injection Himshikhar Gupta interacted with the operators of private hospitals in Raipur district during a virtual meeting held on Sunday evening.

It was informed in the meeting that the supply of Remdesivir injections and Oxygen has increased in Raipur district. It is constantly improving and will further improve in the coming days. The state quota has increased from 48 thousand to 75 thousand. Similarly, there has been a considerable improvement in medical oxygen supply.

Private hospital managements asked to continuously update the information of corona patients and vacant beds in their hospital through the portal. If they require to admit more patients or already excess patients are admitted by them with permission then they should inform the Chief Medical and Health Officer immediately and get permission if not taken, so that they can be supplied Remdesivir and oxygen as per the need.

Patients can dial 86002-70023 to register complaints against hospitals

Corona patients, their attendants can register their complaints against hospitals engaged in overcharging or other illegal activities as district administration adds a new number dedicated to patients’ complaints. The number is 86002-70023 which has been added to the other number of the district control room. Hospitals not handing over dead bodies due to non-payment of bills, overcharging by ambulance etc. can be complained by dialling the aforesaid number.

Health Services Director Neeraj Bansod said that the state government has fixed the rates of normal oxygen beds, oxygen-equipped beds and ICU beds along with Ayushman card benefits. These rates are affordable and have been fixed after consultation with institutions like IMA, but complaints regarding some hospitals overcharging patients are being received. Similarly, complaints have also been received against ambulances demanding more money and hospitals preventing dead bodies in case of non-payment of bills by their relatives.

Bansod said that a team has also been formed in the state to investigate the complaints. At present, such complaints are also being made through mobile etc.

Bansod said that the use of remdesivir injection is not for day care and OPD patients, but despite this, many doctors are prescribing it. According to the condition of the patient, demand for injection is assessed. Similar arrangements should be made in every hospital and a nodal person should be appointed for this.

The District Collector Dr Dasan said that during the time of Corona, medical personnel and doctors are providing 24-hour critical services, but we also need to realize that Corona patients and their families live in a state of shock. In such circumstances it becomes even more important for the people associated with the medical profession to understand the crisis and work in accordance with medical ethics. He said that complaints like charging higher rates from patients lead to wrong messages among the public. It is a difficult phase and full cooperation is required from all.

A dedicated number to receive complaints of Covid patients

Collector said that a number will be dedicated in the District Control Room to receive complaints of Corona patients so that patients can be provided timely assistance.

The collector said that for the last 10 days, adequate stocks of Remdesivir injections have been given to hospitals, so there is no need to ask the patients’ relatives by the doctors to collect the same from outside. He asked for monitoring and safeguarding every injection. He said that a fire accident in a hospital in Raipur district was being investigated in the past. Similarly, fire fighting system is being checked in other hospitals. He asked the hospital operators to maintain such arrangements in their hospital so that they could avoid any accident.

The collector said that in the last 15 days, supply of medical oxygen cylinders has been increased to from 4000 to 8000 in Raipur district and oxygen supply has become much better in the district.

State Nodal Officer Himshikhar Gupta said that Remdesivir injection is being distributed district-wise first and then hospital-wise. Special care is being taken to supply it to small hospitals as well. Doctors have to take care that this medicine should not be sought from patients by writing its prescription. It is also necessary to make online entry and maintain records through the software portal.  A random inspection of hospitals and stock of medicines will be done by the Chief Medical and Health Officer. He said that the quota of the state has increased and the supply of Remdesivir medicines is expected to improve further in two-three days.

Dr Khemka of said in the meeting that his hospital is receiving 800 to 900 cylinders and due to this, the requirement of oxygen is being managed well. He informed that there is a great need for remdesivir injection for the hospital ventilators and ICU patients. Dr Sandeep Dave of Ramakrishna Care Hospital said that paints sometimes make unnecessary complaints against hospitals and in such cases officials engaged in examination of the complaints should listen to both the parties, so that medical staff do not get discouraged.

Dr Naveen Sharma of MMI Hospital said, the liquid oxygen supply system of the hospital is good.  Similarly, an attempt is being made to write the correct and complete details through the excel sheet of the admitted patients. On Dr Akashdeep’s complaint about the agency’s inability to supply oxygen, the collector said that this problem will be resolved through the sub-divisional magistrate.


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