Covid positive RSS Swayamsevak Narayan Dabhadkar sacrificed his hospital bed and life to save life of another person

RSS Swayamsevak Narayan Dadhadkar

An Octogenarian RSS Swayamsevak Narayan Dabhadlkar from Nagpur set an unprecedented exemplary act of selflessness and sacrifice when gave up his bed to save life of a younger patient.

According to the reports, Dabhadkar, fondly called Kaka by people who knew him, was taken to hospital with severe Covid symptoms by his grandson-in-law after managing to book a bed following strenuous efforts. As Dabhadkar Kaka and his grandson-in-law were waiting for the formalities to be completed, Dabhadkar saw a woman with children, crying and pleading to hospital authorities for a bed to admit her husband with critical Covid symptoms.

Kaka took no time to decide what he had to do next. Kaka calmly told the hospital staffers busy in nursing him to allot his bed to the man. Kaka said that he was 85 now and have lived his life, you should offer the hospital bed to the man as his children need him.

Kaka called up his daughter and notified her about his decision. Kaka then willingly signed a paper to forfeit his bed to the man. Kaka then returned back to his home, where he succumbed to the deadly virus after three days of struggle for dear life.


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