Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel announced free vaccination of people from age group between 18 and 44 years.


Raipur, April 30

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel said that the state government has decided to inoculate people between 18 years to 44 years in Chhattisgarh free of cost and a comprehensive action plan as well as all arrangements has been made in this regard. We have completed all the preparations in all our districts for the vaccination campaign starting from May 1, all our immunization centres are fully ready.

CM Baghel stated this while addressing the people of the state today regarding vaccination and prevention from the infection.

He said that the Government of India has informed that it will provide one lakh three thousand forty vaccines for the vaccination of people in the age group of 18 to 44.  Since there is a shortage of vaccine, we will start the vaccination from the poorest person in our state who has Antyodaya Card.  For this, the beneficiary will have to bring his ration card and Aadhaar card. As we get the vaccine, we will progress in the direction of vaccinating all classes of people respectively.

The CM said that at this time the whole world is facing the Corona pandemic. Health and medical services were never given enough importance during the 15 years of the then government, in these circumstances, it was a big challenge to face a pandemic like Corona, but we have faced this challenge with full competence till now. We have done a lot of work to improve the structure and system of health services of the state, due to which the position of our state is much better than other states in the management of Corona.

Last year when the first wave of Corona attacked us, we all faced it together, said CM Baghel, adding that it was a time when we did not know much about the corona, we did not have medicines to treat it, neither injections nor vaccine had developed and the protocol of treatment was also in its primary stage.

But with the cooperation of all, with the trust of all and with the contribution of all, we had conquered that difficult time, added the CM.

Today, we are once again facing the second wave of Corona which is more contagious and dangerous than the first wave but we are confident that together we will face this second wave reliably while fulfilling our responsibility and we will win.

 He further informed that so far 7 lakh 13 thousand 706 people have been infected in Chhattisgarh, out of which 5 lakh 87 thousand 484 people have recovered.  At present 1 lakh 17 thousand 910 people are actively infected.  The active patient ratio in the state is 16.5 per cent, while the rate of recovery is 82.3 per cent.  But this will create a new belief in you that Chhattisgarh has left behind many developed and resource-rich states in the country in the case of Covid vaccination. Over 55 lakh 69 thousand dose vaccines have been administered in the state and we are ahead of the big states of the country.  Vaccination status in our state has been 72 per cent, which is the highest in the country, this figure is only inclusive of people above 45 years of age and front line workers.

Chief Minister said that I want to inform the people of my state that in 2018 when we got a strong mandate in the state, there were a total of 279 ICU beds in the state, which we have increased to 729.  Oxygen beds were 1242, we have increased this to 7042.  There was not a single HDU bed but today we have 515 HDU beds.  There were 15001 general beds in the hospitals of the state, which we have increased to 29667.  There were 204 ventilators in the state at the end of 2018, which we have increased to 593.  Thus, we have increased the health facilities of the state by leaps and bounds, which is a record in itself.

 In Chhattisgarh, we have conducted more than 71 lakh Covid tests so far. We are constantly trying to increase our testing capacity, we have started the process by approving the establishment of new RTPCR test labs. Packages have been set up for private hospitals for lab tests and concessional treatment for corona affected people so that a person from an economically weak section of society can get his treatment and examination done.  On the other hand, we have recruited 296 new doctors in the state.

Chief Minister Baghel said that there is not just sufficient availability of oxygen in the state but surplus oxygen is available in Chhattisgarh.  We have resolved not to let this fight against Covid fall short of funds.  We have made a provision of Rs 880 crore in the health budget in these two years, Rs 50 crore in SDRF this year.  The people have greatly contributed to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund, which is an indication of the people’s unwavering trust in the government.  With this fund, we have so far released Rs 73 crore 53 lakh to districts for the fight against Covid, thus we have invested Rs 1003 crore 53 lakh in the health sector so far.  At the same time, 53 crores 88 lakh rupees are still deposited in the Chief Minister Relief Fund, it will also be used in the battle against Covid.

He said that various institutions and people in various districts have extended their help.  In addition to the funds of various departments, District Mineral Trust funds, we have also received assurances regarding assistance under CSR funds from industries. We have decided that the ration of the month of May and June will be given to the people simultaneously.  It will be given completely free.

Chief Minister said that as you know, from May 1, we will administer 2 crores 60 lakh free vaccine doses to 1 crore 30 lakh people between 18 and 44 years of age. For anyone who is over 18 years of age, registration has to be done through the Cowin portal or Arogya Setu App.  Since the vaccine manufacturer companies are providing the vaccine at higher prices to the states than the centre, we will incur an expenditure of more than Rs 800 crores for this, which we are also determined to do.

He said that we have also ordered 50 lakh doses of vaccine to start vaccination from May 1, of which 25 lakh doses have been ordered to Serum Institute and 25 lakh doses to Bharat Biotech.  Even during the time of such a disaster, people are coming together with the government on their own and want to extend a helping hand to each other.

Baghel has appealed that whoever wants to contribute as much financial contribution in this fight against Covid, can voluntarily contribute to the Chief Minister Relief Fund.  The entire amount is being spent only in the fight against Covid.


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