Yes Bank, Is the stock have the potential to become a Multi-Bagger again?


Being a small investor, my point of view for this is
“Yes Bank can be the biggest wealth creator for the future, but it looks like the journey is too long.”

In the case of Yes Bank, Investors are lucky enough that Yesbank is a nationalised bank; that is why to protect depositors money, market leaders SBI Bank, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, and others come forward rescuing the bank.

Recently released data of Yes Bank for its 2020-21 Q4 result, the books of the accounts are still under pressure due to losses and NPAs, Lender posted March quarter of FY21 standalone net loss to Rs 3,788 cr vs 3668 cr. In last year. Bank posted a net profit of Rs 148 crore in the December quarter. The bank’s total income declined to Rs 4,805.30 crore from Rs 5,818.59 crore in the same period a year 2020.

The recent event Covid-19 pandemic hits the banks and NBFC’s quite badly, but due to last poor performance & pressure, bank-like Yes Bank got hit harder than other banks in the private sector.

After results, there is a mixed view from the brokerage houses, some of them giving sell alters while some of them is recommending to buy. If you are small retail investors with conservative risk capacity putting your hard-earned money at risk is not worth it. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are investing; just invest as per your risk and time horizon.


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