Pharma sector- Suddenly become Lifeline of an Indian investors portfolio.


In India, especially long-term investor always wants a stock that gives wealth to there portfolio, pharma sector stocks are the best to balance an investment portfolio as per my assumption.

The COVID situation hit badly during last year lockdown national lost 16% of its GDP, lakhs of people lost their jobs, workers migration from the large cities and so many disturbance for the economy.

This disturbing situation melted the stock market from there recovery happened to lead by the pharmaceutical sector,
Pharma stock is performed very well when all other sectors in under pressure, the same situation happened in recent time when Banking, Auto, NBFC are under pressure only pharma is performed and create wealth for the investors, not only creating wealth but also provide protection for losses from the other sectors.

The company presented their final results for the period of FY20-21. It shows that all pharmaceutical companies – Sun Pharma, Cipla, Cadila, Dr Reddy’s, Glenmark, Biocon and many more performed well in all aspects. Hospital companies like Appollo hospital, Fortis, Max health also performed well in their sectors.

As many research reports are out, there is a lot of potential left in the sector as the 2nd COVID situation is worse than the previous one.
Our Pharma index now stands at 14066 with an all-time low of 8999.95 and an all-time high of 14282.

So stay invested and make sure that your portfolio should have at least a pharma stock that keeps balancing your portfolio; as we all know, diversification is a key to balancing.


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